Club Honours List

compiled by Pat Quinn

Munster Senior League:

  • Premier Division: Winners 1974-75 Runners Up 1973-74, 1976-77
  • First Division: Winners 1990-91
  • Junior Premier Division: Winners 2004-05
  • Junior 1st Division: Winners 2001-2002, 2006-2007
  • Junior 2nd Division: Runners Up 2016-2017
  • Junior Super Cup: Winners 1998-99, Runners Up 2002-03
  • Junior League Cup: Winners 2002-03
  • Berkley Cup: Winners 1954-55
  • Foley Cup: Winners 1955-56
  • Beamish Cup: Winners 1954-55, 1974-75 Runners Up 1956-57, 1975-76
  • Elvery Cup: Winners 1972-73
  • Pop Keller Cup: Winners 1973-74 Runners Up 1974-75, 1975-76, 1989-90
  • Keane Cup: Winners 1974-75, 1978-79, 1979-80
  • Senior Shield: Runners Up 1942-43
  • FAI Senior Cup Appearances: 1 Appearance in 1986 – Lost at Home to Newcastle West 0-3


Cork AUL:

  • Premier League: Winners 1971-72
  • Premier Shield: Runners Up 1971-72
  • First Division: Winners 1950-51, 1951-52, 1969-70
  • County League: Runners Up 1962-63
  • County Shield: Winners 1962-63
  • Division 2: Runners Up 1965-66
  • Division 2 Shield: Winners 1965-66, Runners Up 1969-70
  • AOH Cup: Winners 1951-52, 1971-72, Runners Up 1965-66
  • Presidents Cup: Winners 1969-70
  • Murphy Cup: Runners Up 1966-67, 1967-68
  • Saxone Cup: Winners 1971-72, Runners Up 1972-73
  • Munster Junior Cup: Runners Up 1971-72
  • County Cup: Winners 1970-71, 1973-74, 1974-75
  • Youths League 1: Winners 1970-71, Runners Up 1966-67
  • Youths League 2: Winners 1975-76
  • Youths League 2 Cup: Winners 1991-92
  • Munster Youths Cup: Winners 1970-71,1971-72
  • U17 Division 2 League: Runners Up 1995-96, 2001-02
  • U17 Division 2 Cup: Runners Up 1995-96


Cork Ladies League:

  • Divison 2: Winners 2009


Cork Schoolboys/Schoolgirls League:

  • U15 Boys Premier Division: Winners 1974-75, 1995-96
  • U15 Boys National Cup: Quater Finals, 1995-96
  • U15 Boys League Cup: Runners-up 1995-96
  • U14 Boys 2nd Division: Winners 2016/2017
  • U13 Boys 2nd Division: Winners 2006-2007, 2009-2010
  • U13s Boys 1st Division: Runners up 2016/2017
  • U12s Boys 3rd Division 3: Runners up 2016/2017
  • U12 Boys 3rd Division: Winners 2008-2009
  • U12 Boys 2nd Division: Runners Up 2014-2015
  • U16 Girls 1st Division: Winners 2010/2011 & 2011/2012
  • U14 Evening Echo Schoolgirls Cup: Winners 2010/2011 & 2011/2012
  • U12 Girls 1st Division: Winners 2007-2008 Runners Up 2011-2012

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Crosshaven AFC

Match Report Under 10 Galacticos V Fermoy 16/9/2018


Hughie, Olly, William, Jimmy, Peter, Diarmuid, Theo, Max

6-4 first match, 3-0 second match

Daineal, Jake, Eldin, Sam, Fergus, Chris, Nicholas, Oscar

4-4 first match, 6-6 second match

Crosshaven welcomed Fermoy on Sunday with a bumper crowd in attendance, who witnessed the lads scoring 19 goals in some great games. Note this together with last week's games is more goals than both Liverpool and Chelsea have managed this season. With Pat under pressure from last week’s 3-2 loss to Castleview the players responded to his rallying call by winning both games for him. He knew it was his fault, sure he was 2-0 up at half time last week and then blamed the slope on the pitch for the defeat. Excuses, excuses….The committee have now issued a statement to the Press saying they have full confidence in Pat, for the moment, but the management feel nobody is safe, even the Chairman.

Fermoy were a tough well run outfit, bigger than any of the teams we have encountered so far, and the lads responded well to the challenge. Indeed we had to discourage some of the boys (*cough* Chris) from inflicting Roy Keane like revenge on the opposition at one point. Our under 9's contingent were excellent and thanks for coming Daineal, Nicholas, Olly, Jake and Theo. We hope you are enjoying the experience of playing with us. Even though it's only the second outing of the season the lads are starting to play some nice football, passing and playing it out from the back etc..Like Liverpool they have yet to click totally and when they do it will be some sight. Other notable highlights are Pat nearly being lynched for awarding a penalty to us, Oscar hitting the post at 4-4 to almost win the match and tears afterwards (chin up Oscar), Peter scoring by beating 4 players (as he said I didn't see it), Jake scoring with his back, Fergus issuing an ultimatum that he wouldn't play if he had to wear shin guards at the start, Olly and Theo working their magic, Nicholas defending his back 3, seeing the beginning of a serious defensive formation in Eldin, Sam and Fergus, also seeing William, Jimmy, Peter and Diarmuid working together with wonderful passing. Afterwards the boys expressed a little surprise at the physicality of the game, but were told to do their talking on the pitch by putting goals in the back of the net. Another lesson learned, they are all a great bunch of lads so roll on next week.
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